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Girang lies in the Chattisgarh state in central India. Its surrounded by jungle, rice fields and national highway. Girang is the starting point of river Girma. The nearest large city from Girang is Raigarh. Jashpur, the district city lies about 3 km west of Girang, where you can find all of the offices and market. Jashpur district is divided in two geographical areas, Upperghat and Neechghat. They have a beautiful nature with hills, rice fields and rivers. Jashpur district is rich in minerals.  

Girang belongs to the catholic province Raigarh. The head quarter of Raigarh diocese lies in Kunkuri, where you can find the largest cathedral of Asia, its about 40 km southwest of Girang.

Neighbouring village Gholeng lies about 1 km east of Girang. Here you can find the nearest church, school and hospital.

Girang is a small village with about 1000 peoples (about 100 families). The kuchha houses are made of mud and have thached roofs. Every house has its own  own courtyard. People own wells or derive drinking water from shared wells. The village is divided in five community groups, called Khuri (pronounced khoodi in kurukh). The five community groups are Akhra Khuri, Rawana khuri, Kulhu khuri, Dippa khuri and Sadak khuri.

The village has also got a gathering place, Ahkra and a Maria groto were meetings and prayers take place.

Girang has farmers, some pot makers, a black smith.......... In every family at least one is educated through the catholic school in Gholeng. Many people of the village are employed in big cities like Bhilai, Korba and Raipur. They work in pvt firms, MNC's as well as in the government offices.

About 90% of the population in Girang are Christians and about 10% of the people in Girang are Hindus. The people of Girang adopted Christianity in the beginning of the 19th century with the help of Belgium priests.  

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