There are schools (details of Schools) close to village. Sometimes poor villagers cannot afford the fees and other expenses of children and children are forced to end their study. 


Educated Persons Education Designation Organisation Address phone/email
Anan Tirkey   Nun      
Ani Kujur   Nun      
Ashok Tirkey     BSP    
Cam Toppo     BSP    
Challe Kujur   Tahsildar      
Christo Ekka   Priest      
Christo Tirkey   Officer      
Edo Kujur     BSP    
Edy Tirkey   Nun      
Elsu Kujur     Military    
Fulu Toppo     BHEL    
Gabru Ekka   Principal      
Gustu Tirkey   Engineers      
Hariman Kerketta   Engineers      
Ishu Kujur   Officer      
J K Kerketta   Engineers      
Jibu Bara     BALCO    
Jibu Kerketta     BSP    
Kiru Kerketta     Lecturer    
Kri Kujur   Nun      
Libu Tirkey   Engineers      
Nabo Tirkey     IAF    
Poli Kerketta   Officer      
Reme Toppo   Officer      
Robe Ekka     BALCO    
Roman Kerketta   Engineers      
Saba Kujur   Nun      
Silu Kujur   Priest      
Sumo Tirkey   Priest      
Susu Kujur   Nun      
Tani Kujur     Military    
Tela Toppo   Nun      

X Tirkey



TRIBALZONE is a place for all Chotanagpur tribals , regardless of blood quantum, to "gather" and to heal, and share their unique cultures, artistic talents and rich heritage.