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Dear Editor, Johar, Thankfully appreciating you for sending a copy of Tribalzone Magazine (Mar-April, 2006) received just today, I am to inform you in short that the mission taken by your editorial team in order to increase Adivasi Cultural awareness and to promote Adivasi values based on experience, research, exploration , through Tribalzone Magazine among the Adivasis of Chotanagpur origin scattered all over India abroad is highly appreciable and supportable no doubt.

I wish: Let the Tribalzone Club membership be increased among the educated Adivasis irrespective of religious affinity with branches of the club in all major cities as maybe desired. Also I wish to be a member of your club for which the necessary fees shall be sent to you shortly.

With good regards,

… Tej Kumar Toppo, Kolkata
Gen Secy. :Akhil Bharatiya Adivasi Vikas Parishad,
Executive Member: Catholic Sabha
Admin Off & DDO: Income Tax Dept.

Dear Editor, Please send two more copies of “ TRIBALZONE” magazine to me as we have been consulting more like minded people here in Kolkata to get involved in our tribal matters.

Yours Sincerely,

… Francis Tirkey, Kolkata

Dear Editor, Thank you very much for ‘TRIBALZONE’ magazine. Let me congratulate you & your team of dedicated friends on this venture for a unique cause. Some 50 years ago in Bombay we were just a handful of Chotanagpurians. Mr. Robert Bara, Edmund Ekka, Gabriel Beck, Joseph Kerketta & a few more were there. I was an MA (Political Sc.) student (1963-65). We were very few and could hardly dream of doing what you are doing—issue of Tribalzone-today. I personally feel very proud of you all and the bold initiative for the cause of our tribal community you have undertaken.

I have read every page of the magazine and found very interesting. The write-up on Kalinga Nagar tragedy is very moving. I wrote up my reactions in Nishkalanka ‘Kalinga mein hinsa aur ahinsa’ in February 2006 issue. A small article in Nishkalanka June 2006 ‘Harappa mein Sarhul aur Karam?’ was written to arouse the curiosity of young readers. For learning Kurux language I cannot offer anything but Sinagi Dai, which I edited for almost 15 years, Sarhul (2005) & Munta Punp Jhumpa (by Davle Kujur) edited by me are few that may help those interested in Kurux. These are available in Satya Bharti, Ranchi. My next book Karam with 2000 songs is forthcoming in the same pattern as my Sarhul. These are few things I wish to place before you so that you may guide your inquisitive readers. On Bhasha & Snaskriti, my articles in Chotanagpur ke Adivasi (collected and edited by Br. Joseph Kandulna SDB) may be helpful to your readers who are interested in the subject. In English I have only one Tribals their Languages and Literature, my seminar paper in 1998. I am a retired person from MEA & I love studying our history, culture and language. With warm regards,

…. Mahli Livans Tirkey, New Delhi

I received your 2nd issue of Tribalzone Magazine in printed mode. Its very special for me because I am away from HOME. Day by day the magazine is becoming very informative and gradually new Forums are being attached. Hope these following columns and information would be included in the next issue i.e i) Matrimonial (both Brides and Bridegrooms) ii) Information regarding Folk music, songs and dances of the tribals iii) Cultural heritage e.g. The places of Tribal museum available in India. It will be highly appreciated if you incorporate the above ideas in the Journal. I wish you all the best for the future projects and initiatives. . With warm regard,

….Anup N Kispotta, New Delhi

Dear Editor, First time I visited your website, really it is fantastic and informative, congratulations to you! Earlier I was thinking for such a website. I am running a civil society organisation in Ranchi its name is GENE CAMPAIGN from five years. The head office of the organisation is in Delhi and Dr Suman Sahai is the president of the organisation. Gene Campaign is working on Farmers and Tribal communities rights, food, livelihood & health security, biodiversity conservation, organic farming and income generation activities for rural women and youths. I would like to write related articles for your website. May you give me a place in your e-newsletter. Sincerely,

….Shakeelur Rahman
Program Coordinator,

Dear Editor, Thanks for keeping me update for introducing information about our tribal culture, achievements, news, and most important our identity in global arena. I would really appreciate if you could comprehend more information and details of our culture, origin of our language, since quite often people ask about our culture and language and social customs. It would not only compass the information but helpful for the people those who are doing research works in our languages and culture in abroad as well as inland. Regards,

….Robin Birua
Australian National University,
Canberra, ACT Australia

WRITE TO THE EDITOR Tribalzone, 704, Sachidanand, Wing A, Raheja Complex, Malad East, Mumbai - 400097 or via the internet to editor@tribalzone.net. Include name and address. Letters may be edited for clarity and length.

TRIBALZONE is a place for all Chotanagpur tribals , regardless of blood quantum, to "gather" and to heal, and share their unique cultures, artistic talents and rich heritage.