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March - April 2006

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 From the Editor

 Dr. Bipin Jojo, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

We must assert our rights

     The year 2006 commenced with bloodshed for the tribals with the brutal death of 12 tribals on 2nd January at Kalinganagar, Jajpur district of Orissa in Eastern India when they were demanding proper compensation for their land acquired by the government for the industrialisation in the area. Many of the tribals had to face the lathi charge and the bullets from the police gun for demanding their rights. This is not the only incident where tribals have to face the wrath of the powerful state. Four people were killed in police firing at an anti dam rally at Chandil dam, Jharkhand in 1978. In Netarhat firing range also many of our brothers and sisters had to suffer at the hands of defence personnel before it could be forced to stop the project. Today, 40 % of the total displaced people are tribals and out of them about 25% are resettled and rehabilitated. 

     On the other hand, the marriage of Dilip Tirkey, the Tribal Hero of Indian Hockey in the Catholic Church of Hamirpur, Orissa despite opposition by the community with police security is unfortunate for the tribal society. 

     It gives the feeling of betrayal and misuse of authority. However, it reminds us to assert oneís rights in order to safeguard oneís culture, identity and survival. The authorities especially the state has crushed most of the time, whenever the tribals have resistance to imposition of external values/or decisions without taking them in confidence. 

     Gradually our brothers and sisters are loosing faith and trust on the existing institutional mechanisms. In a desperate situation many of them are taking law into their hands and joining the hands of creating alternative mechanisms. We all know that naxalite (MCC/PWG) activities are increasing in the country. It is astonishing to know that 115 districts of the country covering 40% of the geographical area of the country is affected by the naxalite activities today. Most of these districts are in the tribals areas. It is an alarming situation for the state and other institutions as well as all fellow tribals not to undermine the problems and aspirations of these brothers and sisters. 

     Tribalzone has dedicated itself to play a role in sharing the feelings and views of our fellow brothers and sisters and rebuilding the human relationship to uphold the tribal values and identity. 

     We are grateful to our readers who have been supporting and encouraging us on this small initiative.

Dr. Bipin Jojo (


Letters to the Editor

WRITE TO THE EDITOR Tribalzone, 704, Sachidanand, Wing A, Raheja Complex, Malad East, Mumbai - 400097 or via the internet to Include name and address. Letters may be edited for clarity and length.

     Dear editor, I am delighted to see that one of our younger brother Mr K. V. Ekka, 3rd year BE, IIT KGP is interested to learn his mother tongue 'ORAON / KURUX' in order to fulfil his ambition to become an I.A.S. But, he is finding some difficulties to find the good / interesting books for it. Yes, I do agree that we may not get the good one to mug up and learn it. However, I firmly believe that if he really wishes to learn the language by heart as because it is his mother tongue then there should not be any difficulty.
     Recently, I saw a beautiful add of Dainik Jagran which I am reproducing here.
     So, not only for IAS or IPS, at least to keep our self-esteem alive, everyone of us must know our mother tongue......TFC Bhuneshwar Baxla, Chennai    

     Dear editor, Congratulations for the beautiful write up on KARAM festival and the colourful photos. It reminded me of my glorious days in Mumbai, my frequent visits to TISS. Thanks a lot for making me feel at HOME. This is special for me because I am away from HOME. Day by day the magazine is becoming very attractive and gradually new FORUMs are being attached. Yes TRIBALZONE is uniting all the tribals near and far. The slow and steady progress deserves all praise and encouragement. Keep it up. All the best for the future projects and initiatives. With best wishes.....Joseph Kamal Bara   


WRITE TO FORUM Tribalzone, 704, Sachidanand, Wing A, Raheja Complex, Malad East, Mumbai - 400097 or via the internet to Include name and address. Letters may be edited for clarity and length.

Will you marry me?

     Iím the eldest among four children of my parents Shri 
     Iím fair, 5.1 feet tall and weigh 49kgs. Iím proud to be an adivasi and respect tribal values. Iím easy going, caring and loving; love being in the family. Like interacting with likeminded people, like cooking, I like keeping the house clean and organized. I like gardening . 
     Iím looking for a life partner who is loving, caring, intelligent and professionally employed. Please get in touch with me at 

     We should feel proud of our identity

     Since ages India has been considered to be the richest source of cultural heritage. Many Adivasis had faced the turmoil of their extinction due to foreign intruders. Some of them have survived even after many socio-cultural-economic changes.
     We, the Adivasis of Chotanagpur also are no exception to it.
     They say, ďChange is inevitableĒ. Modifications and development are always welcome. The need to live with modern age has made us move out of our villages, leaving behind our rich culture and cultural bond. We are on the verge of forgetting our own existence as we stay in new environment in a nuclear family. We hardly get any opportunity to identify with our cultural activities. We have moved ahead in all aspects. But we have failed to keep up with our original culture.
     There had been a strong bond of unity among Santal, Ho, Munda, Kharia and Oraonís. Nobody dared to venture out from his or her society. We lived to our content, living in our habitats. Very few walked out of this bond and lived to the fullest forgetting our own culture and society.
     The absence of proper cultural environment has compelled marriage out side our society. Our children do not know/follow our language, ritual, festivals, food, song & dance. Our identity is under serious threat. Are we prepared for this threat?
     How are we going to deal with this type of situations? Many of us have reached the highest echelons professionally. Socially, have we been able to discuss and solve these problems? Or we ignore them?
     Inspite of the hectic life in Chennai, Adivasis from Chotanagpur in Chennai gathered for the annual meet on 27th December 2005. It was indeed a great opportunity to identify with my people of my culture and language that too in a city like Chennai. Great efforts had been made by the founders of Chotanagpur Cultural Association (CCA) the first kind of it to be registered for a noble cause and active participation has made it possible.
     Even though we remain in a multicultural society, we should feel proud of our identity as Adivasis and propagate our rich cultural heritage. May I invite my friends, the readers of Tribalzone Magazine specially those who are away from Chotanagpur to come forward and join hands in promoting our culture.
     With these words of simple thought I invite you my adivasi friends to put forward your views in this gallery.....Firoj Kujur, Dy. Comdt., CRPF, Chennai

Are You a Doctor?

Dear friends, we at Tribalzone would like to collaborate with adivasi doctors and form a Doctors Forum and improve the present healthcare status in the neglected tribal areas of Chotanagpur Plateau. We have ongoing programs and activities for data collection, health awareness (health education camps), field health camps, telemedicine and hospital based services in collaboration with the local govt. agencies.  We are looking for likeminded Adivasi doctors of Chotanagpur region who think they have the fire and zeal to selflessly help and cater to the health demands of Adivasis of Chotanagpur. If you are a doctor and would like to be part of this movement - please join our doctors forum by becoming Tribalzone First Citizen. Dr. Manju Kerketta, Tribalzone, Birkera Jhariatoli, PO- Ranto Birkera, via Lathikata, Dist Sundergarh, Orissa - 770037. 

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