How to Plan for Honeymoon
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You could leave for honeymoon just after your wedding reception or maybe after a months time but remember, always plan for your honeymoon before your wedding. 

Today, there are a variety of different options to consider when trying decide how best to plan and book your honeymoon. These range from booking online via travel web sites, to stopping by your neighborhood travel agency or planning your own. The right method for you will depend on a number of factors, including your comfort level with buying online, the amount of guidance you desire and the complexity of your trip. It's certainly easier to purchase a package vacation from local travel agency than, let's say, a custom trip GOA. Unless you are extremely comfortable planning and booking travel yourself, however, it is probably a good idea to retain a travel professional for this trip since it's such a special occasion. In addition to walking you through the planning process, a good travel consultant will be there for you while you're on the road, allowing him/her to provide critical assistance if problems unexpectedly arise.

Honeymoon Packing List
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The first thing to remember is that your destination will have a significant impact on what you should pack. As a general rule, if you are traveling internationally or to more exotic locations, you'll need to pack more items. Below is a general list of what to bring.

General Documents

Airline / Railway tickets
Driver's license / passport  
Travel itinerary with addresses, phone and confirmation numbers for all travel providers including hotels, airlines, car rental companies, tour operators and travel agent  
Guide book and good novel

    Key tip: keep all important travel documents in a single travel folder or envelope.


Travelerís checks (keep numbers/receipts in a separate place)  
ATM and credit cards

        Key tip: try to use credit cards whenever possible for added travel benefits and security.

Toiletries and Health Care  

Toothbrush, toothpaste and other dental care products   Shampoo and conditioner
Headache, indigestion and prescription medications Nail polish/remover
Deodorant, Perfume or cologne Shaving Kits
Makeup Band-Aids
Sunscreen, lotions and moisturizers Contraceptive
Massage and bath oils Scented candles (romance)
Eyeglasses and contact lenses and saline solution Mini scissors and tweezers

Insect repellent

Feminine hygiene products

Hair dryer and hair brush

∑     Key tips: 1) to pack lighter, check with your hotel before you leave regarding the in-room availability of heavier items like hair dryers and irons; 2) If you forget any toiletries, ask the concierge before going out to buy as many hotels have them.

 Clothing and Accessories

Warm Weather

Cold Weather

Variety of short sleeve shirts (t-shirt, blouse, casual, etc.)

Thermal underwear
A couple of long sleeve tops (for cool evenings) Sweaters, Warm Dresses

Coats and jackets

Sundresses Monkey Caps and gloves
Bathing suits and cover-ups Long sleeve shirts
Skirts Turtle Necks
Appropriate footwear (sandals, walking shoes, golf/tennis shoes, hiking boots, heels)   Footwear (boots, walking shoes, dress shoes, etc.)  
Sleepwear and lingerie
Socks and stockings
Sunglasses Caps
Rain coat and/or umbrella
Camera and film
Video camera and tape

∑     Key tip: coordinate your outfits so that many of your tops and bottoms match together (this will decrease the amount of clothing you have to pack)

Special items for International Destinations

Vaccination certificates
Small denominations of foreign currency (for taxis, tipping and emergencies)  
Medical prescriptions translated into local language  
Electrical adapter (if necessary)  
Antibacterial hand wipes

        Key tips: 1) Bring photocopies of passports and visas which will expedite replacement should they get lost; 2) Use antibacterial wipes before eating if you're visiting less developed countries with spotty sanitation standards.

General Packing Tips

If possible, bring a change of clothing and important toiletries in your carry-on just in case airlines lose your baggage  
Similarly, split your clothing between two suitcases (half of each of yours in each bag) just in case the airlines lose only one of your bags  
Bring an extra bag if you plan to shop a lot
Bring ziplock plastic bags for wet and/or dirty clothing  
Brides should use their maiden name for all travel reservations. Likewise, the name on your airline ticket must match the name on your driver's license and passport  

Follow these suggestions and you should be well covered. If you forget something, don't worry as you can probably buy it at your destination. Happy packing!


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