Bridal Emergency Kit
By Tribalzone! Weddings and Tribalzone! Weddings Readers

A small purse containing the following items should help save you from any little mishaps that may occur throughout the day and well into the night.
If you have any suggestions on other items to include, please be sure to email us at:

Check Item Check Item
  small sewing kit   non-drowsy allergy medicines
  safety pins   Cotton
  Paper tissue     Any prescription medication for you and/or the bridegroom
  smelling salt   chalk - to mark out any flaws on your wedding gown
  Lipstick   drinking straws – so you can drink water while you are having your portraits taken without messing up your lipstick or spilling on your dress.  
  compact powder case   comb and brush
  Chewing gum or mint or mouth refresher   Additional Items
  compact mirror      
  clear nail polish    
  pen & small note pad      
  A list of contacts and phone numbers of all wedding day vendors      
  Band Aid™    
  barrettes and/or bobby pins perfume    
  hair spray    
  # snack food #      
  dental floss      
  # bottled water #    

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