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"Scholars of Anthropology have disclosed that the Tribals of Chotanagpur are dying a natural death. One of the reasons being language. The new generation of Chotanagpur Tribals are not able to keep up with their tribal language. Very few young people can speak their mother tongue. Their language is fading - once the language is gone - their identity will be under serious question".

Language is the key to people identity.                     speak oraon

Tribalzone helps people understand these tribal languages.

We propose to create a community where like minded Tribals can come together and take up the cause.

This section is a small attempt towards an approach to preserve our tribal languages - and the best way to do that would be to start speaking in ones own mother tongue.

All tribal languages are distinct in nature and very different from each other. Find out  sadri    kurukh    munda languages

The following people/organizations are working for preservation of tribal languages


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TRIBALZONE is a place for all Chotanagpur tribals , regardless of blood quantum, to "gather" and to heal, and share their unique cultures, artistic talents and rich heritage.