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Population 292,000 in India (1997). Population total all countries: 293,575.
Region Primarily Jharkhand, Ranchi District, Simdega subdivision, Thethaitangar Anchal and Kolebira Anchal in Khunti subdivision; West Singhbhum, East Singhbhum; also Chhattisgarh, Raigarh, Jashpur, Durg, Bilaspur, Raipur districts; Orissa, Sundargarh, Sambalpur, Mayurbhanj districts; Assam; Tripura; West Bengal; Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Dhelki Kharia are centered in Raigarh district. Hill Kharia are centered in Singhbhum districts. Also spoken in Nepal.
Alternate names   Haria, Kharvi, Khatria, Kheria, Khadia, Khariya
Dialects Dhelki Kharia, Dudh Kharia, Mirdha-Kharia.
Classification Austro-Asiatic, Munda, South Munda, Kharia-Juang
Language development Literacy rate in second language: 15% Hindi. Devanagari and Roman scripts. Dictionary. Grammar. NT.
Comments A Scheduled Tribe in Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, West Bengal. A Scheduled Caste in Tripura. Christian, Hindu.


TRIBALZONE is a place for all Chotanagpur tribals , regardless of blood quantum, to "gather" and to heal, and share their unique cultures, artistic talents and rich heritage.