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We invite creative talents to send us recipes. (you could try from the following or come up with your own idea)
Rotis Pakodas Salads Chips/flakes Pickles Curry (tiyan) Soup (jhor)
chilka demta githi kanda madua sandhna putu phutkal
madua koynaar kendu karil khukhdi sanai phool
chaar fish demta kudrum
mahua fish chakod
karil beef handua
kusum mutton
toot chicken
koynaar pork
sakar kanda ghunghi


best recipes win attractive prizes and free entry to the Tribalzone food festival.

# we are looking for exclusive, exotic jungle food/products.

got an idea share it with us
Upcoming features: Food habitats, nutritious value, Description of jungle food, etc.,


TRIBALZONE is a place for all Chotanagpur tribals , regardless of blood quantum, to "gather" and to heal, and share their unique cultures, artistic talents and rich heritage.