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Dr. Manju Kerketta, Tribalzone, B/2, Dhableswar Housing Complex, Balughat, Panposh, Rourkela, Orissa - 769004.
Ph:  09668419464, 09937011094 Fax: 0661 2664254

Jharkhandi Bhasha Sahitya Sanskriti AKHRA: Quaterly Magazine in All Regional Languages - Annual Subscription Price: Rs. 125/- (Item Code:JBSSA)
Jharkhandi Bhasha Sahitya Sanskriti Akhra a quarterly magazine for all Jharkhandi Languages

Supported by: Pyara Kerketta Foundation, Jharkhand

Communities' Informal Care and Welfare Systems: Manohar Pawar and David Cox - Price: FREE, ISBN 1864671513 (Item Code:CICWS)
"Communities' Informal Care and Welfare Systems- A Training Manual" (2004, 2nd Edition) is a  Training Manual of Six Modules on different aspects  Communities' Informal Care and Welfare Systems  written by  Dr. Manohar Pawar and  Prof. David  Cox.  A number of people have contributed for the development of the this manual.  This manual could be refined and adapted  according to a situation. This  manual is going to be useful for the trainers, educators, researchers, practitioners and other support organisations working  in the area of  community development/tribal development.

"This manual uses six skillfully designed training modules that provide a much needed practical  approach to building community capacities based on partnerships between informal networks of care and welfare systems. It is a valuable and essential tool in the ongoing effort to promote lasting self-sufficiency. I highly recommend it for educators, social workers and practitioners......" Martin B. Tracy, Professor and Associate Dean for Research, College of Social Work, University of Kentucky
  English - THE SANTHALS, VOLUME 1 (COMIC BOOK) Price: Rs. 95/-, pp. 64, ISBN 81-88251-05-4 (Item Code:SCBE)
  Hindi - SANTHAL GAATHA, ANK 1 (COMIC BOOK) Mulya: Rs. 45/-, pp.64, ISBN 81-88251-09-7 (Item Code:SCBH)
Travel with the bongas into the rich world of the Santhals, one of the largest tribal communities of India. Circle the earth with Hans and Hansil and see how Thakur, the supreme God created the first ancestors. While Thakaram created the plough and changed the course of history, Maran Buru negotiated with man and cattle to redefine their relationship forever. Know the stories behind the Karam and Sohrae festivals and experience the horror of witch hunting! Not to be relegated to the footnotes of history is the Santhal rebellion and its unsung heroes. All this and more awaits you inside!
Tribalzone Price Rs. 125/- each English edition (including delivery charges)
Tribalzone Price Rs. 75/- each Hindi edition (including delivery charges)
  Tuhilu Ker Sapna  : Livinus Kaila Kindo I.A.S. Ananda Printers, Cuttack Pub., 2001, 196 p. Rs.80/-. (Item Code:TKS)

"Tuhilu Ker Sapna" is  one of the linguistic best of Shri L. Kindo. Laid in the early twenties of the twentieth century, a classic insight into the chotanagpur history & culture. The book, divided into five sections is written in pure sadri form and deals with the entire spectrum of tribal life. If you know sadri you are going to relish  this book. This book makes a great reading for the entire family.
Tribalzone Price Rs. 130/- each book (including delivery charges)

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TRIBALZONE is a place for all Chotanagpur tribals , regardless of blood quantum, to "gather" and to heal, and share their unique cultures, artistic talents and rich heritage.