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(Registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860)
Registration No. S/31401 dated 17.6.1997

Registered Office: 572 Sector 4, R K Puram, New Delhi. 110022, Ph: 26176294

Annual Membership Fees: Rs. 
New Member Entrance Fee: Rs. 
Life Time Membership Fees: Rs. 

Sushil Lakra John Kerketta ADMON XALXO
President Secretary Treasurer

Plot No.93, Sri Durga Estates, Medchal Road, Jeedi

Qtr.No.:E-90, RBI Quarters, Sha

Qtr. No.:553/D, Type-IV, B

Executive Members  

  • Ambrose Beck

  • Selestine Baxla

  • David Baxla

  • Suresh Minj

  • Edmond Xalxo

  • Rock Bara

  • Cyprian Topno

  • Sudhir Ekka

  • Rajesh Toppo

  • Stanislas Bara

  • Alexendar Tirkey

  • Kushal Kerketta

  • Sunil Bara

Ex-President           -            Emil Lakra

Ex-Treasurer           -            Zacharius Kujur

Ex-members            -            Joachim Kerketta

                                               Vijay Toppo


Entry fees for the participating teams -           Rs. 1100/- for each tournament





  • To make best efforts for providing  games and sports facilities to the sportspersons (men and women) of the Society and the youth.

  • To provide the facilities of sports club to the sportspersons in terms of  amenities, privileges, advantages of convenience as usually given to the sportsmen of the Chotanagpur Adivasis of Delhi

  • To establish, arrange and manage Vyayamshala, Play grounds, community centres and amusement centres for the welfare of the sportsmen of our Society and energetic youths of the Chotanagpur  of Delhi

  • To arrange and organise the sports competition and to select the efficient sportsmen from District level to National level and encourage them by providing coaching, guidance and other necessary facilities.

  • To award and certify for the good performance in sports and games and to bring these sportsmen to the forefront by arranging prize distribution programmes.

  • To provide physical education to the sportspersons and the general public to maintain their good health.

  • To provide the training in sports, games and physical exercise to the handicapped children.

  • To apply for and acquire land from the authorities concerned for the purpose of sports and games.

  • To bring out pamphlets, magazines, periodicals and other publications regarding sports, games and athletic events to achieve the aims and objectives of the society.

  • To infuse a sense of fraternity and brotherhood among the Adivasis of Chotanagpur and to make all efforts for strengthening them in a Unit for better achievement in the field of sports.

  • To make every effort in bringing the Adivasis of Chotanagpur together for better relationship and to secure a feeling of co-operation among them for their upliftment in any sphere of life.

  • To make correspondence in lawful manner, to arrange meetings, conferences, seminars with the authorities concerned to attain the aim and objectives of the society.

  • To work for charitable causes including relief to the poor and needy persons, providing education, medical facilities and working towards rural development.

  • To help and assist the amateur  artists/sportsmen/and helpless members of the society.

  • To make requisite arrangements for the destitutes, the widows, the orphans, the handicapped persons.

  • And in general to carry all such other activities which are not mentioned under the aims and objectives but are co-related with our society for the improvement of the welfare of the sportsmen of Chotanagpur Adivasis of Delhi.

TRIBALZONE is a place for all Chotanagpur tribals , regardless of blood quantum, to "gather" and to heal, and share their unique cultures, artistic talents and rich heritage.